Action Alert – œ Comment by July 15, 2013

Where is Tesla Park?

The Tesla parkland is located in the south east corner of Alameda County in the hills between Livermore and Tracy.�  It is adjacent to and west of the existing� Carnegie SVRA.�  Corral Hollow Road � and Tesla Road runs along the northern border of the parkland.

You can also find the Tesla parkland on men’s health +18600+W.+Corral+Hollow+Road, ed +TRacy, viagra +CA&sll=37.09024,-95.712891&sspn=23.959196,56.953125&ie=UTF8&cd=1&hq=Carnegie+SVRA,&hnear=18600+W+Corral+Hollow+Rd,+Tracy,+CA+95377&ll=37.647403,-121.568527&spn=0.09324,0.222473&z=12&iwloc=near” target=”_blank”>Google Maps under Carnegie SVRA.Ã?  But take note – Carnegie SVRA is already showing the Tesla parkland as part of the existing Carnegie off-highway vehicle park even though it is not approved for expansion or off highway motor vehicle use.

Tesla parkland identified as ‘project site’ in 2004 map from prior environmental review. The existing Carnegie SVRA is directly to the east along Corral Hollow Road.









Tesla Park - 2004 environmental review
Tesla Park – 2004 environmental review








EBRPD included Tesla Park to its 2007 Master Plan, but at this time the State OHMV Division still is trying to expand Carnegie SVRA into Tesla Park.

Do you want this 6.13.13.croppedAct NOW to help Save Tesla Park!

Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area (Carnegie SVRA) and the State Parks Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Division (OHMVR) issued their 3 alternative planning and development “?Concepts” for the Carnegie SVRA and Tesla Park General Plan update and DEIR on June 10, viagra 2013.

All 3 Concepts provide for OHV use throughout most of Tesla Park ranging from Intensive OHV use to Less Intensive OHV use.  We need your help to OPPOSE the OHMVR plan for Tesla Park.

Please send an email to OHMVR REJECTING all 3 Concepts because they fail to properly protect the sensitive natural, cultural and historic resources in Tesla Park and do not provide a Non-OHV use Concept for Tesla Park.

The Comment Deadline is Monday, July 15, 2013.

Workshop materials can be reviewed at Email your comments to [email protected] or you may submit them online at the Carnegie general plan web site.  If you use the online OHMVR Comment Card to reject the 3 Concepts, take care when completing it as it is structured to force support of the 3 OHMVR Concepts.

The 3 OHV Use Concepts for Tesla need to be REJECTED because:

  • Biological and Cultural Resource Guidelines, Constraint Map and Recreation Suitability Map which are the basis for the Concepts are inadequate and not supported by scientific data
  • There should be NO OHV Use extended into the new 3,400-acre Tesla Park whether in free ride areas (now called distributed riding areas) or on trails
  • A Non-OHV Use Alternative must be evaluated in the General Plan development and DEIR stage because it is the only Alternative that can protect Tesla Parkââ?¬â?¢s sensitive resources.

Please share this Tesla Park Alert with all of your contacts and ask them to email OHMVR to oppose the OHMVR Concepts for Tesla Park.  We need to provide overwhelming support to protect Tesla as a Non-OHV park and preserve throughout the General Plan and EIR process.

Let us know if you have any questions or want more detailed information.

Thank you for your continued help to Save Tesla Park.


Comment Deadline: July 15, 2013 

On General Plan/Draft EIR Concept Alternatives for Tesla Park and Carnegie SVRA

Workshop materials: 

Submit online or by email to:  CSVRA General Plan – [email protected]