Ask Baker ad Glazer to support Tesla

Will you help stop damaging OHV use in Tesla?

Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) is on track to approve the General Plan and EIR this summer.  They have ignored extensive scientific evidence about Tesla’s sensitive biologic and cultural resources and the damage off-highway vehicle (OHV) use will cause.

Unless there is a huge public outcry, salve Carnegie SVRA will move forward and open Tesla to OHV use.

It’s time to escalate our appeal to State decision makers before the Carnegie SVRA General Plan and EIR are approved and certified.

Will you e-mail Resources Agency Secretary and State Parks Director asking them to protect Tesla?

We want Resources Agency Secretary John Laird and State Parks Director Lisa Mangat to use their authority to stop further action on the current Carnegie SVRA General Plan and EIR, and support a plan for Tesla to be managed as a natural and cultural preserve.

Please send separate emails to:
• Resources Agency Secretary John Laird: [email protected]
• State Parks Director Lisa Mangat: [email protected]

Here’s a sample email.  Personalize it to explain why Tesla preservation matters to you.

Dear [Secretary Laird/Director Mangat]:
I am asking that you take action now to permanently preserve the Tesla park land in eastern Alameda County with no off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation use. Please use your authority to stop final approval and certification of the Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) General Plan and EIR that will open Tesla to OHV use, and support steps, including legislation, to permanently preserve Tesla by establishing it as a natural and cultural preserve. 

Tesla has numerous sensitive biologic and cultural resources important for the region and the State.  It is part of a vital wildlife corridor, Native Plant Society botanical priority protection area, and Audubon important bird area. It contains seven threatened and endangered species and habitats, and over 50 rare species and habitats.  It is the location of the historic Tesla town and mine site and sacred Native American sites.  Creating a nearly 5,000 acre off-highway vehicle park by expanding Carnegie SVRA and opening Tesla to OHV use conflicts with local land use plans and policies.  Tesla is simply not appropriate for OHV use.

You cannot turn a blind eye to the State Parks OHV expansion plan that will forever damage Tesla’s irreplaceable resources that the state should treasure. We all have the duty to preserve Tesla with no OHV use so that this unique and sensitive natural and cultural landscape is permanently protected now and for future generations.

[Your name, address]


Take action now to help SAVE Tesla.  Thank you very much!

Save Tesla Park
2 visions of the future of a culturally, environmentally and historically important part of Alameda County, Tesla Park

Can you e-mail Assembly Member Baker and Senator Glazer to ask for their help to preserve Tesla?

If you have not already done so, find please help by emailing Assembly Member Catharine Baker and Senator Steve Glazer.  Tesla is located in their districts.  Unfortunately, overweight
neither has yet taken a stand to support Tesla preservation. They need to hear from you that preserving Tesla is a priority.

Following a brief sample email that you can customize for your personal message.  Please send separate emails to:
• Assembly Member Catharine Baker: [email protected]
• Senator Steve Glazer: [email protected]

Dear [Assembly Member Baker/Senator Glazer]:
I am asking that you stand for environmental protection and help to permanently preserve the Tesla park land. Tesla is in your district in eastern Alameda County. Tesla has numerous sensitive cultural and biologic resources important for our region.  It is a vital wildlife corridor.  It contains threatened and endangered species.  It is the location of the historic Tesla town site and mine. Tesla is not appropriate for OHV recreation of any kind and opening Tesla to OHV use will unquestionably damage it forever.
You share a responsibility to preserve this irreplaceable East Bay open space for future generations.  Please support preservation of Tesla and do everything you can, Migraine
including carrying legislation, to establish Tesla as a natural and cultural preserve so that this special native landscape is permanently protected.

[Your name, address]


Thank you for helping to SAVE Tesla!