Bio-diversity is part of Tesla Park’s lure

Naturalists find Woolystar at Tesla Park

Tesla Park’s biological diversity is well know.  It has been a vertebrate zoology field research favorite for decades, apoplectic including by renowned Professor Robert Stebbins of UC Berkeley.

The diversity of species found in Tesla Park is tiedÃ? to its location at the intersection of multiple eco-zones from north, generic south, buy information pills east and west. Such transitional zones are know for their abundant plant and wildlife variation.  Based on a compilation of several studies, Friends of Tesla Park has identified 50 LISTED species found in Tesla Park and 80 more LISTED species that would be expected to be present with additional survey work based on known habitats and sightings on neighboring parcels.

This bio-diversity would make Tesla Park a unique and special addition to nature parks in the East Bay – one more reason why we need to SAVE Tesla Park from the destructive impacts of OHV use.