Tesla’s extraordinary cultural and natural resources can be preserved forever with a “Reserve” State Parks classification

One of Tesla’s many extraordinary features is that it holds important archeological features and sacred sites of the Indigenous peoples who depended on this land.

In the words of Katherine Perez, a tribal leader for the Northern Valley Yokuts, Ohlone, and Bay Mewuk Tribal Chair tribes and President of Nototomne Cultural Preservation, who has long advocated for Tesla preservation:

“The vistas, native plants, wildlife and solitude of the surrounding land are central to the power of Tesla’s Native American cultural sites.  Because the natural and cultural resources extend throughout the 3,100 acres of the parkland and because the natural resource landscape is an integral part of the cultural landscape, Classifying the Tesla parkland as a Reserve is the only way to ensure its cultural resources and natural resources are properly protected in perpetuity.”

Katherine Perez, President, Nototomne Cultural Preservation; Northern Valley Yokuts, Ohlone and Bay Mewuk Tribal Chair

Hismet Warep Horsetka, which means “Sacred Earth in Harmony” in the Chochenyo language of the East Bay Ohlone people, describes what Tesla means to Native American representatives.  

Reserve classification preserves forever Tesla’s extraordinary cultural and natural resources and provides the opportunity for restorative justice and equity for Native Americans.

Access for all are perfect words for our vision of Tesla as a Reserve

Tesla can offer varied experiences that will appeal to hikers, walkers, birders, nature lovers, biologists, history buffs, Native Americans, children, researchers and people of all walks of life.

Back country trail to Tesla wildlands
Tesla BioBlitz

It will be the only Reserve in the region, a unique experience for all

With no other State Park Reserves in the region, a Tesla Reserve provides access for all to a special native landscape that is emblematic of this region of California and:

  • Provides the highest level of protection for rare and important cultural and natural resources
  • Offers hiking, interpretive trails and tours, scenic routes, wildlife viewing, photography, K-12 education and university research.
  • Embraces the values of Indigenous cultures’ connection to the land and principles of environmental stewardship.
  • Supports State and Federal policy objectives around 30×30, Biodiversity Protection, Climate Change Resiliency, Landscape Level Conservation Planning, Target Species Protection, and Native American Justice and Equity

Our vision for Tesla is for State Parks to first classify Tesla as a Reserve and name it “Hismet Warep Horsetka” so that it can remain “Sacred Earth in Harmony”, and then establish the Tesla Historic District along Tesla Road to share the area’s rich history.