Work to Save Tesla Park Continues – Remember Tesla in year-end Donations

As we approach 2019, we wanted to update you on the continued work to permanently protect Tesla Park. 


We have filed all briefs for our Ultra Vires claim challenging the authority of the OHMVR Commission to certify EIRs and approve General Plans. This is the first of three causes of action in our law suit against State Parks and their plans to open Tesla to OHV recreation use. The hearing is set for March 15, 2019 in Sacramento Superior Court, after which the Court will rule. 

Tesla Park - Western SycamoreLegislation

We continue to work along all avenues to permanently preserve Tesla‚Äôs irreplaceable natural and cultural native landscape.  Senator Glazer remains committed and we are working on plans for 2019, including legislation and building support with the new Administration and AD16 rep, Rebecca Bauer-Kahan.  


Tesla Park - Corral Hollow Creek WildlandsRemember Tesla for your year-end donations

Please keep Tesla in mind for your year-end donations.  You know your donation is going to a good cause. For information on how to donate, please go to .

We are so Thankful for your support to Save Tesla Park and wish you all the best for the coming Holiday Season.